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With a product renewal in the market, Beldent invited young people to "Activate their freshness" and create a collaborative song with Ecko, a young artist in the scene. We provided all the design, color, and development so that these voices could be heard.
Users accessed and uploaded their phrases and ideas on the platform, and all the data was analyzed and processed using machine learning algorithms to detect the topics with the highest engagement and, thus, facilitate the musician the use of those voices in the creation of an original song.


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In November 2020, together with Ecko and Beldent, we helped to carry out the project "We Need Fresh Voices", and we called on a whole generation to co-create a song with the artist. At we received the phrases, ideas, and thoughts of young people from all over the country, and then through the use of artificial intelligence we detected 6 very popular topics: Learning, Reality, Future, Lovelessness, Freshness, and Anti-Hate. With the rhymes selected by the artist within the highlighted topics, the song was created.

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